Thread Vein Treatment

Say goodbye to aging spidery veins and restore youthful calm to your skin with our thread vein treatments.

Facial thread veins and broken capiliaries on the legs are removed with the use of a Laser. A Laser light is directed at the unwanted veins, causing them to heat up extremely quickly, at this point, they break down and collapse in on themselves. The process is called photothermolysis.

Another Level Medispa uses state of the art NdYag Laser to eliminate the unwanted red veins and the treatment doesn’t affect surrounding skin, leaving you with healthy and clear, vein-free skin.

Laser treatments offer a safe, fast and proven way of minimising facial thread veins and broken capilaries. Another Level Medispa clients will often see immediate results, sometimes a follow up treatment may be necessary, so you can expect to say goodbye to red veins and say hello to beautiful, vein-free skin.