Semi Permanent Makeup


Semi-permanent make-up & Micro Blading | Eyebrows | Eyeliner | Lips 


With its advanced new techniques and procedures will enhance your natural beauty and give your feature shape and definition without ever having to visit your make-up bag. Also know as micropigmentation it is the term used for applying coloured pigments into the dermal layer of the skin. The procedure is completely safe and effective and used for a variety of semi-permanent & Micro Blading cosmetic enhancements such as eyebrows, eyeliner and lipliner. This treatment also benefits gym users, swimmers, hay fever sufferers, poor sighted clients, and those with allergies to normal make-up. Women of all ages are experiencing the difference micro pigmentation & Micro blading can make, after just one procedure you can have stunning smudge free make-up that can last for several years.Differences between Micro Blading procedure and Semi Perm Make Up,Micro Blading  is used with a handheld piece and can only create a hair stroke simulation. Semi permanent make up is used with a machine and can create a powdered or hairstroke look.


The Perfect Brow


Throw away your eyebrow pencil forever! Beautifully shaped Semi Permanent / Tattooed Make Up & Micro blading ,eyebrows will accentuate your eyes, lift your face for a more youthful look.
Eyebrow tattooing will give you the perfect brows you have always desired.

  • Restoring the appearance of a realistic brow with a natural hair stroke Simulation or powdered brow treatment
  • Defines over-plucked sparse brows
  • Enhancing fair/blonde brows
  • Alopecia & Chemotherapy patients (restoring) confidence
  • Filling in old scars through the brow


Eye Liner


Enhance the eyes with a tattooed eyeliner which is smudge free. Eyeliner makes the eyes look bigger and more defined.
This simple treatment involves adding a fine or more enhanced line to the top and bottom lashes with a pigment colour of your choice.

    • A long lasting solution to tricky pencils or liquid liner
    • The effect lasts for about 2-5 years

Who benefits of wash away tattooed Eyeliner

  • Contact Lens wearers
  • Hay-fever/Pollen sufferers
  • Clients that are time poor and find makeup difficult to apply
  • Even men seeking subtle grooming