Reflexology is based on traditional Chinese medicine on the importance of the balance of QI. Reflexologists work with the Chinese map of the body and Qi points to unblock Qi and relax the patient. Chinese Traditional medicine believes that when Qi is blocked, then the result would be illness or unbalance Qi.

It has been used in Traditional Chinese medicines for centuries to relax the mind, body and spirit. Modern medicine has exposed the existence of nerves in the 1800s and that the relaxation of the body from reflexology is, in fact, the calming of the central nervous system which can lead to the benefits often experience by this treatment.

Reflexology can help reduce stress and anxiety, alleviating some conditions associated with these symptoms such as insomnia and restlessness. The stimulation of pressure points can also aid in reducing pain. It can also improve your mood as well as general well being.

There are many reported benefits, ones aside from the confirmed ones. This can include a boost to the immune system and aid in fighting cancer, among other reported benefits. There has been no real research on the benefits and risks of reflexology, but those that have been done agree that there can be some benefit.

There are some conditions where reflexology treatments can be problematic. For example, you should tell your reflexologist if you are pregnant and stimulation of some points can include contractions. Gout and people with circulatory issues should also consult a doctor before having reflexology treatments.

There can be some side effects of the treatments. These can include; light headedness, tender feet and emotional sensitivity. When considering the potential benefits, many people believe that these side effects are worth it.

Another Level Medispa are experts in reflexology and can aid you in the potential benefits of this form of treatments. We can help you explore the potential benefits of this treatment and help you feel at ease while the treatment is being carried out

The body is mapped out on the feet so, as the reflexes on the feet are worked, messages are sent to the body to repair itself. Reflexology is very good for ‘whole body’ ailments or imbalances, especially hormone-related. A course of weekly treatments is initially recommended. All reflexology treatments include a foot scrub prior to treatment.

Beverley Burnett, MCHP, CNHC Registered


Clinical Aromatherapist | Reflexologist | Massage Therapist | Indian Head Masseuse | Reiki Practitioner

I began practising in 1995, managed a busy clinic and also ran courses (from introductory to diploma) for the Association of Natural Medicine and a tutor and NVQ Assessor for the East Essex Community College.  I was a member of the Governing Council and Chair of the Examinations Committee for the ANM and also represented the ANM on the Legal & Parliamentary Sub-Committee of the Aromatherapy Organisations Council, which was instrumental in beginning the process of setting UK-wide professional standards for therapists.  I also had a Natural Health help column in a local paper.

I am a professionally qualified Clinical Aromatherapist, Reflexologist, Massage Therapist, Indian Head Masseuse and a Reiki Practitioner.  I am also qualified in the treatment and management of Sports Injuries and Remedial Massage.

I combine my knowledge of different massage techniques to provide a treatment specifically for you.  Treatments are not routinely the same for everyone – it all depends on the problems presenting at each session, and so treatments are tailored to benefit the individual.

I was one of the first 7 practitioners in the UK to gain a diploma in NeuroSkeletal Realignment Therapy in 2001, which is a fantastically gentle therapy that can correct limited movement, muscular aches and pains arising from postural problems.

I am a member of the Complementary Health Professionals and I am registered with the Complementary and Healthcare Council (for massage, aromatherapy & reflexology).

All practitioners on the CNHC register have met UK-wide standards.  The General Medical Council guidance to doctors confirms that they are able to refer patients to practitioners on accredited registers – this includes the CNHC register




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