Radio Frequency Face Tightening

Skin Tightening for Face and Body

This is a platform (DEKA TriActive+) which uses three different applications in one treatment:

• Diode Laser for lymph drainage
• Ultrasound for destroying fat cells
• Radiofrequency for collagen remodelling

Triactive+ is an ideal treatment for patients who are looking for non-invasive, gentle rejuvenation to improve skin tone, microcirculation, skin laxity and reduce fat deposits. Radiofrequency(RF) applied to the skin has thermal heating effects on the dermal tissues and determines the contraction and remodelling of the collagen fibres.

Dermal massage will improve lymphatic drainage TriActive+ reduces wrinkles and expression lines. It also improves the appearance of the eye contour, giving a firming, lifting and rejuvenating effect.