We have clients seek our advice when their nail plates are severely damaged and bleeding after years of nail enhancements. Continuous mechanical drill use will result in paper thin nails with fibres damaged making them extremely sensitive. It can take the best part of a year sometimes to restore a healthy nail plate, however in some cases the nail plate will shrink back and  the damage becomes irreversible. With today’s technology having nail enhancements is not necessary. OPI Gel colour not only allows the nail plate to breath but also helps the nails to grow.  The Gel Colour can last up to 3 weeks, we will remove it safely and reapply  with full cuticle work. Clients are advised never to peel the gel colour off as this will remove the top layer of the nail plate and cause dehydration and damage. Let us look after you and your nails…

Classic Manicure(30mins)

  • Cuticle work & paint

Luxury Manicure(60mins)

  • Cuticle work, mask, massage, hot mitts & paint

Classic Pedicure(30mins)

  • Cuticle work & Paint

Aroma Spa Pedicure(45mins)

  • Hot Spa, cuticle work, massage & paint

Luxury Pedicure(60mins)

  • Hot Spa, cuticle work, mask, massage, heated boots & paint

Shape & Varnish (15mins)

  • Push back cuticles & paint

Children’s Varnish

  • Light file & paint

OPI Gel Manicure(30mins)

  • Cuticle Work with OPI Gel Application

OPI Gel Pedicure(30mins)

  • Cuticle Work with OPI Gel Application

OPI GEL Spa  Pedicure (60mins)

  • Hard Skin Removal, Foot Soak, Cuticle Work & OPI Gel Application

Soak off with OPI Gel Manicure

  • Gel Removal, Cuticle Work & OPI Gel Application

Soak off no Gel Application  (45mins)

  • Gel Removal, Cuticle Work & Nail Strengthener Application