Fat Freezing

Fat Freezing using Cryotherapy is fast becoming the most effective way to reduce fat non-surgically on the abdomen, thighs, arms, flanks, knees and chin area. Lipo Cellulite is an effective treatment to help with fat reduction and to significantly reduce the effects of cellulite and inch loss.

This treatment is extremely effective prior to Laser Lipo, Vaser Lipo, Lipo Suction treatments as it makes the fat cells pliable and easy to remove surgically.

The most effective non-invasive fat reduction treatment to enter the Aesthetic and Beauty market. The specific treatment has been scientifically developed over numerous years, proving superior to simply cooling or heating the fat cells.  Lipocontrast delivers rapid results by heating, cooling and re-heating the fat cells, reducing body fat without damage or invasive methods. 33% of the treated fat tissue will be eliminated and gradually broken down through the metabolic system. Approximately 80% of the final result will be visible within 20 days. Typical daily activities can be resumed straight after treatment, including returning to work and exercise regimes.