Eye Treatments

Did you know that plucking eyebrows will stop them growing and leave you with gaps and uneven brows ? The best way to shape eyebrows is threading or waxing and not plucking. From the age of about 40 women’s eyebrows practically stop growing and for those that have been plucking them will notice gaps which will need to be filled in.  So if you notice any grey hairs in your eyebrows please do not pluck them we will tint them and you will not lose your eyebrows but have perfectly defined brows.

With our highly trained staff in Eyelash treatments we use only the best Nouveau Lashes to create fullness and length. Eyebrows frame the face and open the eyes so why not try the new Highly Defined brows or just add a tint to that shape?

At Another Level Medispa we also can enhance your own lashes with our Lash Lift treatment which includes a lash tint.

If you are unsure on any of our treatments please call and book a free consultation. We are here to help…

We condition our hair but do not think about conditioning our eyelashes !! Let us help you make the right choices when it comes to Eye Treatments.

For years I have been using Jane Iredale Eyelash Conditioner and my eyelashes are longer than they have ever been and it’s all natural. Look at our Skincare page on Jane Iredale 

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