This is a 4 in 1 Advanced Skin Treatment that combines Microdermabrasion, Micro-Needling, Product Infusion and LED Light therapy. Microdermabrasion is a treatment that removes the outermost layer of dry dead skin cells, Micro-needling is the use of a device with small needles that penetrates the skin creating thousands of microscopic channels through the skin to increase the formation of new tissue and collagen production by activating the skin’s healing process. Product infusion is a treatment that, once the Micro Needling has opened up thousands of little pathways through the skin, it infuses a serum (Growth Factors, Vitamin C, Rejuvenating or Hydrating) that best suits skin concerns. These pathways allow the serum to penetrate on a much deeper level.  The final part of this facial is LED light therapy. The light therapy promotes collagen stimulation, suppresses inflammation and reduces irritation. This advanced aesthetic treatment is used to target many skin concerns including fine lines and wrinkles, sun damage and mild acne scarring. It is also extremely effective at tightening loose skin.