Hot summer holidays abroad may not be an option for everyone this year but this doesn’t mean sun care shouldn’t be at the forefront of your minds even on cloudy days!

The Importance of SPF 

  • This is crucial for melanoma skin cancer prevention, which has increased by 135% since the 1900s 
  • It prevents the effects of UV exposure which includes: photo-ageing, skin lesions and symptoms of rosacea  
  • It helps prevent the prolonged irreversible effects of UV exposure which include: skin cancers, uneven pigmentation, textural skin changes (toughness), appearance of visible pores in addition to fine lines and wrinkles 

Scientific Research 

  • According to a study including 298 caucasian women UV exposure accounted for 80% of the signs of ageing 
  • SPF plays a big part of the aftercare post chemical peels, laser and intense pulse light treatments which has proven to help reduce the risk of hyperpigmentation and encourage successful healing 

How to know what SPF is best to use 

  • There are a range of factors patients consider when buying SPF including the UVA/UVB protection capacity, type of filter and cosmetic appeal 
  • SPF 15= Protects skin from 94% of the UVB rays  
  • SPF 30= Protects skin from 97% 
  • SPF 50= Protects skin from 98% 
  • SPF 100= Protects skin from 99% 
  • UVA rays are rated by stars on the bottles of SPF (0-5, ratio of UVA:UVB protection) 
  • Scientifically proven that best SPF is high in both SPF factor and UVA rating, these are not=normally referred to as broad spectrum  

We hope this has provided some useful information and we all stay protected this summer.

Stay well, Stay safe.