Eczema awareness week

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What can I do to help eczema?


The best response for dry skin is to moisturise, these must be packed full of healing ingredients. Epionce Medical Barrier Cream is perfect to help eczema with key ingredients including Rosa Canina Fruit Oil, White Water Lilly Extract, Safflower Seed Oil & many more; all of which help soothe irritation, calm redness and give an intense hydration to the skin.

One of the best solutions for a host of skin problems is LED Therapy. Celluma creates all the photochemical reactions the sun does but minus the damaging UV rays, which is perfect for super sensitive and broken skin.

Some common ailments can be soothed by topical products, but others are actually symptoms of something a little more complex going on inside. That’s why food intolerance tests are a great place to start; there is a proven link between this skin problem and potential food intolerances. Cut out the offending ingredient, and wave goodbye to eczema!


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